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(no subject) [Nov. 5th, 2005|06:42 pm]
hey, so my LJ is friends only now, i have a reason that i believe only one person will get. anyway, just letting you all know. feel free to comment if you're not a friend and wanna be. yeah.

EDIT: holy fuck that drama was forever ago. same instructions apply, but please let me know how i know you if it isn't horribly obvious. otherwise i'll trace your IP and base it off of that.
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(no subject) [Apr. 25th, 2005|12:30 am]

Everything Anyone Ever Wanted To Know About You

Created by LaBelleAmie and taken 11840 times on bzoink!

The Basic Stuff
Height?5' 11"
Current Location?...my room?
Zodiac Sign?hmm...Capricorn or Aquarious. depending.
Chinese Zodiac Sign?snake. SNAKE DAMMIT!!! i don't care what anyone says...
Righty or Lefty?right.
Haircolor?faded blue
Skin Color?pale, with slight compu-tan.
About You
What's Your Family Situation (Parents, Siblings, etc)?mom. see dad twice a week...
Any Pets?cat
If So What Are They?...cat
Favorite Relative?my film-making cousin
Least Favorite Relative?grandma Hope.
What's Your Heritage/Race?scottish/english. with tons of stuff mixed in small quantaties
Political Affilation?libertarian.
Love & Sex
Sexuality?hetero-flexible. WAY to gay to be straight, too straight to be bi.
Are You In A Relationship Now?yes ^.^
If So, With Whom?caelin
For How Long?few weeks
Are You In Love?long story there. i don't believe in the common misconception of love. love comes with time, so i'm not in love, but with long enough i could be.
Do You Have A Crush On Anyone?...yes...
Ever Had A Crush On Someone Of The Same Sex?quite a few...
How Old Were You When You Had Your First Kiss?15
If Not, How Old Were You When You Had Sex For The First Time?it was waaaaaay back when i was but a wee little girl in 'Nam...
Was It Enjoyable?OH GOD YES!!!! them vietnamese man-whores are amazing!
What's The Farthest You've Ever Gone?kissing. except for 'Nam.
Where Do You Most Like To Be Kissed?um...i'm gonna say mouth and not think about how bad this question is...
Best Love Quote?i may be love's bitch, but at least i'm man enough to admit it.
Your Friends
Best?aspen, though we've kinda been drifting...
How Many Do You Have?too many
More Guys Or Girls?girls
Love Them All?no. hate most of them.
Any You Wish You Were Closer To?a few.
Oldest?sadly, alina. sucks, but so true...
Newest?Buu, i think. could be Raven tho...
Pen Pal?the vietnamese man-whore from 'Nam
Friends And Words: Associate Them
Penhmm...aspen? first person who came to mind...
Pinkalina (not friends, but she reminds me of pink...don't ask...)
MotherRaven. somehow.
Breadbread. yes, i'm friends with my food...
Carthe one who everyone rides in? not gonna answer that...
Musicryan #2. or is it #3?
This Or That
Boxers or Briefs?well, gonna have to go with boxers.
Thongs or G-Strings?ech.
Shorts or Pants?pants.
Shoes or Barefeet?shoes. i like shoes.
Books or Movies?books
Night or Day?NIGHT!!!!!
Dark or Light?DARK!!!!!
Mountains or Beach?mountains. i hate sand and water...
Snow or Sun?snow
Pepsi or Coke?i don't care
Guys or Girls?girls
Swim or Surf?i hate water...
For or Against
Gay Marriage?so much for...
Abortion?very for
Bush Getting Re-elected?OMG AGAINST!!!!!!!
Suicide?for. it's your own damn choice.
War?for. population control. i'm a soulless bastard, yes...
Pants?against. no one should wear pants. except me.
Clothes In General?against.
Penises?well, against would be hypocritical, for would be self-centered, i just can't win. let's go for Asians then.
Holiday?pants day.
Season?winter. or fall, everything's dying all around, it's beautiful ^.^
Movie?right now, fight club
Magazine?hmm...PopSci mebbe...or Science News. yes, i'm a geek...
Drink?alcohol. or Amp.
TV Show?Angel. it's slightly more entertaining than buffy.
Song?i have so many...
Band?so many...
Computer Game?well, i'm currently addicted to Spider Solitaire...
Video Game?Eternal Darkness. it makes me hallucinate...
Shirt?caelin's penguin one ^.^ (you know what i mean...)
Pants?Buu's cool pants. as she says, they make her ass look UNGODLY good...
Actor?no idea. so many good ones...
Singer?the singer of Eisley
Cookie?those turtle cookies the school has...
The Future
Want To Go To College?of course.
What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?physicist or other scientist/mathist
Want To Get Married?yes
Want To Have Kids?yes
What Would Their Names Be?Largo and Czandra (boy and girl...)
How Many?2
Where Do You Want To Live?Japan
Where Do You Want To Get Married?wherever we both love
How Do You Want To Die?when i die, i want to leave a hole the size of north america. preferrably IN north america.
More Stuff About You
Piercings?none. thinking of getting some eventually...perhaps 16th b-day...
Do Drugs?well, no. i WOULD, but i don't.
Skinny Dip?once. NEVER AGAIN
Greatest Fear?hmm...i've gotten over most of my phobias, except for needles. OH GOD i hate shots...
Chocolate or Vanilla?vanilla.
Go To Church?allergic
Religion?agnostic. although i may become buddhist...
Scars?3. 2 cat scratches, one fairly bad leg injury.
CDs Owned?too many to count.
Collections?i collect memories that aren't mine...
Like To Be Naked?nope. well, with no parents around, a bit.
Ever Eaten Sushi?OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!
An Entire Case Of Oreos?yep. it hurt inside...
Been On Stage?yeah...let's not go into that...
Danced In The Rain?yep
Kissed Someone Of The Same Sex?nope.
Weirdest Dream?way too long to explain. suffice it to say i was a winged centaur who flew around shooting people with arrows. there was a train involved somehow...
Best Dream?not gonna go into that...
Saddest Dream?hmm...can't remember.
Dream You Most Wish Would Come True?ooooooo boy, so many...
Think You're Attractive?6.5-8 out of 10
Been Caught "Doing Something"?well, yeah...
Weirdest Makeout Place?the celing?
Like Thunderstorms?OH YEAH!!!!!
Favorite Shoes?boots
Favorite Quote?many. i'm gonna go with "i feel warm and fuzzy inside...like there's a bunny in my tummy!" yes, by yours truely...
Best Advice Given?um...something related to romance probably, i tend to give good advice on that...
Worst Advice Given?when i said go to hell.
Favorite Song Lyric?"y'know that every time i try to go where i really wanna be, it's already where i am, cuz i'm already there!"
What Quote Says Most About Your Life?"when i fly, things are SQUISHED!!!"
Glad This Is Over?a little, yeah...

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(no subject) [Apr. 24th, 2005|01:25 am]
LiveJournal Username
What is your favourite soft drink?
Your least favourite?
Have you ever tried Tab?
How do you feel towards non-soda drinks?
If you could be a soda, what would you be?
This person is Cokeomnis_evil_twin
And this one Pepsi folkmanis
They love Orange Sodaradiocanvas
Dr. Pepper makes their world betterdeathbysoda
Root beer makes this person happyemixcore
They are a Non-soda drinkfolkmanis
Plain and boring, they are Spriteziatha
This person is Fancy, over priced wateroiesot
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(no subject) [Apr. 21st, 2005|09:38 pm]
(x) snuck out of the house
(x) gotten lost in your city
(x) saw a shooting star
( ) been to any other countries besides the united states
( ) had a serious surgery
(x) gone out in public in your pajamas
( ) kissed a stranger
(x) hugged a stranger
( ) been in a fist fight
( ) been arrested
( ) done drugs
(x) had alcohol
(x) laughed and had milk/coke come out of your nose
(x) pushed all the buttons on an elevator
( ) made out in an elevator
( ) slept in an elevator
(x) swore at your parents
( ) kicked a guy where it hurts.
(x) been in love
(x) been close to love
(x) been to a casino
( ) been skydiving
( ) broken a bone
(x) been high
(x) skinny-dipped
(x) skipped school
( ) flashed someone
(x) saw a therapist
( ) done the splits
(x) played spin the bottle
( ) gotten stitches
(x) had an IV
(x) drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour
(x) bitten someone
( ) been to Niagara Falls
(x) gotten the chicken pox
(x) kissed a member of the opposite sex
( ) kissed a member of the same sex
( ) crashed into a friend's car
( ) been to Japan <-- sob
(x) ridden in a taxi
( ) been dumped
( ) shoplifted
( ) been fired
(x) had a crush on someone of the same sex (spike, y'know?)
(x) had feelings for someone who didn't have them back
( ) stole something from your job
( ) gone on a blind date
(x) lied to a friend
( ) had a crush on a teacher
( ) celebrated mardi-gras in new orleans
( ) been to Europe
( ) slept with a co-worker
( ) been married
( ) gotten divorced
( ) had children
( ) saw someone die
( ) been to Africa
(x) Driven over 400 miles in one day
( ) Been to Canada
( ) Been to Mexico
(x) Been on a plane
( ) Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show
( ) Thrown up in a bar
(x) Purposely set a part of yourself on fire
(x) Eaten Sushi
( ) Been snowboarding
(x) Met someone in person from the internet.
(x) Been moshing at a rock show
(x) Cut yourself on purpose
( ) Been to a moto cross show
( ) lost a child
( ) gone to college
( ) graduated college
( ) done hard drugs
( ) tried killing yourself
(x) taken painkillers
(x) love someone or miss someone right now
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(no subject) [Apr. 20th, 2005|11:19 pm]
LiveJournal Username
A secret must be told to you bydarkstarwinter
A compliment must be left byemixcore
A complaint about you should be left byrevenantseraph
Song lyrics for you to guess should be posted byradiocanvas
A memory of you should be posted byfolkmanis
Ten words that bring you most to mind should be posted byoiesot
A haiku (5,7,5) should be written about you bydeathbysoda
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my wicked-sexy 1337 box of DOOM!!! [Apr. 19th, 2005|09:20 pm]
1-DFI "LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D" NVIDIA nForce4 UltraChipset Motherboard For AMD Socket 939 CPU

2-Maxtor 120GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive, MODEL 6Y120M0, OEM Drive Only

1-Geil Value Series 184-Pin 1GB DDR PC-3200 w/ Blue Heatspreader 104

1-Aspire 520W 12V Black Triple Fan Aluminum Power Supply, Model "ATX-AS520W BLACK"

1-AMD Athlon 64 3000+, 512KB L2 Cache, Socket 939 64-bit Processor 146

1-Connect3D ATI RADEON X800 XL Video Card, 256MB GDDR3, 256-bit, DVI/TV-Out, PCI-Express, Model 3028B

1-Sony Black 16X DVD+R DVD Burner support Dual Layer, Model DW-D22A-B2 BLACK, OEM

1-ASPIRE X-Dreamer II ATXB4KLW-BK Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case


it will be mine...

my wishlist's site, pics can be found easily on here. it's gonna be DEAD SEXY!!!

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(no subject) [Apr. 14th, 2005|10:51 pm]
What stupid celebrity are you destined to kill? by daydreamer8852
You killed
With a
OnDecember 20, 2018
Quiz created with MemeGen!

yes, i killed her with a mirror. one look at herself and she easily succumbed to my FISHAY LAYZERS!!!!
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(no subject) [Apr. 12th, 2005|05:08 pm]
i'm starving, i'm gonna go eat food (sorry cae, none for you...T.T) so i'll be back around, oh, nine?
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(no subject) [Apr. 11th, 2005|10:00 pm]
[Current Mood |ecstaticresplendant]

ANGST-B-GONE!!! whoot! bleah, you know who you are...OCF's gonna kick ass, eh? i'm happy, no more angst, no more emo, no more stress over lily and me not working out, my how things work: when they are supposed to, they do...
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bleh... [Apr. 11th, 2005|05:01 pm]
[Current Mood |depressedbroken]
[Current Music |"Roulette" by System of a Down]

well, i broke up with lily. i'm not going to give any details here, but it was a clean break, no messy anger or anything. we're still friends, and our current relationship was basically friends anyway, so now i'm open for someone who could really be an uber-romantic with me...i hope i find her...well, thats all that's really happened, and i don't feel like ranting about anything today...
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